10th Week Reflection


I remembered when TESLian was told to present their first production of our first video production. Thus, my group mates and I decided to take last week as our chance of getting all of the shoots and editing ready, which we did. My group mates and I worked so hard on our compilation of shots and the editing. The music was chosen and even the clip to be added was agreed by every group members. So, one fine day, we decided to edit our video and did it all out until we were halfway done before there were only two of the group members left on the task as the others had to leave due to their other responsibilities. So, we did some editing on the tune that we decided to went with, however, unfortunately when me and my other group mate, Fatin tried to save the video that was combined together with the sound and editing, suddenly all of the shots were corrupted, and that was how we came up with only presenting our shots that was edited and chosen to be in the video. I knew that was not what Dr. wanted but we could not help but to present just that because that was our last alternative. Well, in the previous week, everything went quite well with our shoots and editing, however, everything just fade away in this week where we did not get to save the video properly and the presentation was disappointing, but, that thought us to be a lot more careful and thoughtful I guess. Perhaps careful in finishing our work, inspect the elements involved before completing our work. This incident taught us to be more patient in working our way up..? hee, wallahua’lam, He has given us bountiful of awards and gifts, a bit of a leakage are not going to hurt right? InsyaAllah, next time will be better.


9th Week Reflection

“Rareness furnish happiness..”

It was a very busy week for my group because we decided to finish all of the shots for our video production, so the plan went like this, on Tuesday, we decide to go to Purtajaya to shoot the sunset over at Marina. So after our micro teaching, we went back to our room and after Asar prayer we went to Marina, Putrajaya right away for the shot. Because we reached the location around 40 minutes before sunset took place, so we decided to walk around the place and coincidentally there were Go Pro event over there, well, not really happening, they were still setting up everything but yeah, it seemed so cool thought. So we scroll around the place and took some photos of ourselves embracing the beautiful scenery there. At 6.55pm we rushed back to our selected area for the sunset shoot and we waited there just fooling around while watching how the sun set, so beautifully magical. It was quite a long session and, we use no tripod because we thought we did not have it. After my group were done with the sunset shot, we decide to shot one more scene over there, where I would be going up the escalator and it was interpreted as me just got back from work for our video. It was an unexpected shoot from Fatin and Syamimi, our group mates, because it was an unplanned shot and it turned out to be one of the best shot that we have because of the lighting which worked greatly with the shot. It was so amazing because it was unplanned and it worked, and of course, we all screamed after we saw that shot because it’s pretty! Heee. After that shot, we headed to Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin and when we were on our way, we took a shot of the view outside the window while the car moves, again, an unexpectedly working shot, it was  a worth shooting day. We then reached the mosque, after my group mates was done with their obligation, they decided to shoot the view of people walking out of the mosque and we decided to shoot the male because no risk of revealing the suppose-to-be-covered-area would be zero. We then shoot some other shots because we could not help but to do it as the mosque is too beautiful and the shots were wonderful too. After that, we decided to go back because we have planned to woke up at 4am the next day and head to Putrajaya again for our sunrise shot. At 4am, I got up and woke Mimi up then made the announcement on our Whatsapp group for everyone to get ready and depart once everyone was ready. Around 4.30am or 5am we depart to Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin again for Fajr prayer and we shot our ablution scene there which took forever! I’d say that was one of the hardest scenes to be recorded. Ever! But Alhamdulillah we made it after tens of time trying. We then move to our next area for our sunrise scene, and seriously, my group mates and I were all was so amazed at the beauty of the sunset, we did not use tripod this time as well because we thought we did not have it still, so Mimi hold the camera half of the time and Khadijah took the other half time. SubhanAllah. It was a very beautiful morning, we were able to see the sunrise, so beautiful and it just took my breath away, it was almost unbelievable how it could be like that. I really am at awed the whole time we were shooting the sunrise. EMERGENCY!!! Suddenly Khadijah said, “Kak Ten, the battery light is blinking..” and we’re all like, no…way…and yeas, eventually the camera went to sleep and we had to go back and the result of the sunrise, well, surprise surprise. It will be in our video, insyaAllah. I really am amazed with the effort that everyone put in this project. It was 2 busy days with improper sleep but the result, was tremendously satisfying. A day later we decided to edit our videos, to gave it effects and filters. At first we took the Pinacle video editor from Fajrina’s friend but that software decided to kill itself…poor us, we then went with Windows Movie Maker which did it job, amazingly. To die for! The next day after that, we went to Mimi’s house during the time gap before our next class to shoot our Thajjud scene. It was also one hard of work that we had to do in a shorter time. But Alhamdulillah, it was a lot of work and time consuming days we had in that week, however we get to finish our shots for our video production and also, we finished editing some of it and we also, found the video from an Australian Ustadh Saad Tasleem to be added in our video. In order to achieve our goal of course, we need to work as hard as we can. Tahajjud in this video was pretended, but the time that we all got up and went to the masjid was unforgettable because it was really, very beautiful as it was described by my ustazahs way back in my school time. What a week it was. Alhamdulillah.

8th Week Reflection

“One day, the chance will be yours..”

“When a person memorizes the Quran, ultimately the first person to benefit from the effort that he put in is the individual themselves and also the parents…”

In all honesty, I came to class with my friends early today so we entered the class and sit around for quite some time while Kak Ana was preparing things and waited for Dr. to arrive I checked things out on my Facebook and I opened my favourite Islamic YouTube channel which is “Talk Islam” and they have uploaded a new video n hteir channel entitled “Children of Quran” where it shows some kids living in Australia who learn the Quran and even memorize it. They started young around the age of 7 or something and until now they are teenagers, but filled with Quran inside their heart. It was really heart-warming to see how they are able to reach a dream that some people does not even get the chance to get hold of it just yet..Seeing the life of Muslims who is very highly spirited in the love of Islam and the Quran and the Sunnah is just too beautiful, and it adds more beauty to it, when it motivate those who watches it. It speaks a lot about the advantageous that one could get by memorizing the Quran which I knew…long ago..because as I said earlier, it was a dream that’s not owned by many.

 Moving on with the class of the day, so, as soon as Dr. arrived, all of us started to do our storyboard in order to show Dr. the flow or the features that we try to have in our video and the message that we try to deliver in it. My group decide to have one person to draw it on an A4 paper, and 4 others work on the mah-jong paper that was provided by Dr. for us all to use. Astonishment was ours after we found out that Dr. brought along not only knowledge for us to absorb, but also, Nasi Lemakkkkk for us to dig in!!! It excites me and my group mates a lot because..it was literally the first time ever for a lecturer to do of a such, I mean, seriously. It was a very thoughtful act from Dr. and I’m quite sure that we’re all very excited about it. Back to the story of our storyboard, the drawing of the details that we would have in our video continues as time passes by, if we were unable to see the vision that our friends trying to show to us, we would then, Google it so that no work was delayed and everyone would just keep on working and seriously, our motivation at that time was, Nasi lemak; we set it as our reward if we’re able to finish our storyboard. That was the motivation that we had on that day and in addition, doing the storyboard was so much fun as we could see how each and every one of us tried to contribute whether it was verbally or physically, it was just wonderful. Then, the time was up, and all of the groups were asked to present our piece up front. We went quite later as we were still working on our board, just to give it some more finishing touches. So we presented our work and we’ve seen the feedbacks that the other groups received from Dr. After we were done with our presentation, which entitled “The Needs”, we also received feedbacks from Dr. and it was very encouraging. To me, I think the way the feedback was given, helped the students to motivate themselves a lot as it was very gentle and the gentleness automatically made us accept the feedbacks with an open heart. To see how an educator was able to be amazing at educating about education was amazing, but to see an educator able to master the ability to educate on both education and life, well that was astounding and it inspire me a lot because I can see that experience that one’s gain throughout their life could help motivate students a lot if it were channelled in a right way. Communicating with the youngsters has never been easy, is a well known fact, and being able to see oneself to do it so smoothly, that should drive someone to somewhere that leads them to the better. In becoming a future educator, seeing such examples, made me confident that to be a good educator it is, your choice, the same way as to be a screwed educator. The dependence of thinking wise is like a must have item in a girl’s handbag; if it was not carried along, one won’t have a good match.

7th Week Reflection

“Now and then..”

It was a day where me and my group was asked to present our work which was discussed, but was not went through thoroughly just yet by the time that Kak Ana requested for us all to present it.  At the beginning of the class, which was a bit late due to the problem of getting the room; Kak Ana reminded us about the work or tasks that we need to finish or do if we have not done it yet. The one that got my attention the most was when Kak Ana mentioned about the group wordpress and that we need to do reflections every week on the page as a group as well. All these while, the only thing that we had in our mind was our individual reflections. To me, that was the first time I have heard of it and I hope, I’m the only one who feel that way. Because, it was the 7th week, and we need to provide some proves upon our work on the group wordpress, for example, if we were to say that we had discussion earlier that week, we would have to provide pictures of ourselves discussing. Well, that’s that, moving one to the next topic, well, actually this next topic was the first topic discussed, it was about the submission of our details that Kak Ana had placed on the Video Production facebook. To be honest, until now, I have submitted 3 entries and all of it has got its’ own reason.  My first entry was done when I first saw the post by Kak Ana, however, I did not entered my group’s wordpress address instead, I put my group’s facebook link, which was not a proper reply I guess. Then, on my second entry, I did it using the UKM’s wifi, which is, the JARING, because my own wifi was out of data; that has made me unconvinced whether my submission was submitted or not, thus, I sent my answers again, for the third time when the UKM wifi was rocking good. That explain why I sent 3 submissions on that questionnaire of a sort by Kak Ana. After the discussion on that, we were asked to  present the details that we have for our video project. I have had all these things in my mind memorised, thus, I started to talk to my group members to prepare our presentation in the middle of the class through facebook so no noise was made, Yeay..? I don’t know but that was kind of our last effort that we could in saving our group rather than quitting. So i shared with them the entry about our video that I posted on iFolio in the chat group so that everyone can have the idea on what to talk about. We then named our roles in our video making, such as Syamimi as the director, me as the actor, Fajrina and Fatin and Khadijah as the editor and photographer. So, the division was made fast and it was upon everyone’s agreement and not mine solely. We then proceed with our discussion where we share the material that we’re reading while waiting for our turn on the chat group where me and Khadijah accidentally found this very helpful video on YouTube made by professional photographers on the subject shot; it explain about what or how is long shot, medium shot, extreme close-up shot in the simplest way ever. It was very easy to understand it and it was also very attractive in a way it was displayed. That video was very enjoyable and benefits us all a lot.  What to reflect from the class was, to be attentive at all time. I was unsure about the group wordpress thus I was kind of unprepared about that. However if we were to look upon this matter in a better way, this helped us in being prepared at any situations at all. Being attentive in class is crucial and that, has never been me. What I meant by that is, since high school, I have always fell asleep in class no matter what subject it is. It’s just what I do and I tried to not fall asleep so hard but I failed because the only technique that can help me to overcome the situation was to stand up if I’m sleepy in the class. I did that when I was in school, but it was not agreed but the teachers, perhaps because they found it’s disturbing to have sort of an act in their class. Then, in my foundation year, I was not allowed to do that at all. This continues until now and I don’t even bother to hold my sleepiness in class anymore because I would just dozed off no matter what I do. And yes, we also learnt how to use Photoshop from one of our classmate, Muhammad Faiz.

6th Week Reflection


“Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?”

The travel to Penang for the entire TESLians and together with the facilitators and Dr. Rosseni was done on this week. The best thing of all about this trip is, this, is my very first visit to Penang! It is such a wonderful trip and it’s amazing to see the beauty of Penang in just one day time! The aim that was set for the trip was to shoot beautiful moments that  Penang offers. The journey started at 11pm from UKM,Bangi and at 4am or something we’re in Penang, and our first stop was, the Penang state mosque. After everyone was done with their responsibilities over there, we then moved to our next destination which was a place for breakfast that coincidentally has a very beautiful view around it. After the breakfast, people starts to take photos around that area. That was the time where we bumped into a group of people, the blinds and as well as the others who were there to help them. Flyers was given to the people on the street, and it was actually a march for the community to increase their awareness with the needs of the blinds, such as not to park their motorcycles, not leave things that could cause troubles to the blinds on the walkway. My opinion on that matter, well, it is alright to create such awareness in the society, however, there are some of the requests made in the handouts that was quite over the bridge of their priority. That’s that, we then moved to our next destination which was Kapitan Keling mosque, the beautiful mosque that sits in the center of the busy streets. It has this wonderfully classic and astounding interior and exterior that has totally drawn me into it. As I entered the mosque, it somehow felt like I was somewhere in India or Alexandria in Egypt. It has a very beautiful interior that is somehow amazingly simple. The friendliness of the guidance at the mosque is magnificent. As I was there, wearing my favourite piece of clothing, which is an all-black one, two of my classmates requested me to “pose” some pictures for them. First was with Sir Faiz and second was with my own group member, Fatin. Well, to tell you the truth…before I came to Penang for this trip, as I was getting ready for this trip, I actually had this wish in my heart that goes, “If there were no one who snap a pic of me, I would hire a photographer for a day back in my hometown.” This was just a request from mini me that lives inside me, hehe…so having that done, I was so happy! After the mosque, we went to this place called Peranakan mansion and we only get to be outside of it as it costs us RM20 each if we were to enter it, well, money matters, especially towards students. There were some of us who were willing to pay for the fee to enter the mansion and it was kind of a good thing that they did not mention it out loud because they said that, “ We know there are lots of us who could not spend our money there as we will have another trip tomorrow.” So, yeah, I only got the chance to see the outside of it but, let me tell you one thing, it was amazing!. Every detail that it has can be seen even from the outside of the building. So, moving on with our plan, we then visited the Saint. George’s church, another beautiful building, however it seemed a bit too recently furnished that the original structure was kind of gone, however it was not disappointing at all because outside the church, there was this wide green field that was like, a perfect fit for a “The Fault in Our Stars” shoot. So yes, like, almost everyone did the same shot and it was a very happy view because everyone was enjoying themselves despite the heat and tiredness. There were several other places that we visited during this trip such as Fort Cornwallis, the beach. Throughout this trip, I was able to see the advantage that we will gain if we were to open our mind and just, suck in all of the blessings that is given by Allah to us. It is countless and we really, just need to choose, either to embrace it, or to complain about it. The long and not so cool journey taught patience that we probably never know existed in ourselves on the first place. We were able to enjoy our ties as friends, we shared things that we have with one another, we pray together, we play together was, simply, magnificent. It was somehow a relieving trip as it releases the stress and tension that we have. There might be some things that was a defections, however again, it is really, our choice whether to embrace it or to complain it. The choice of the title for this week was, “Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?” this verse came from the Surah Ar-Rahman in the Quran, one of the wonderful surah that speaks about the blessings that Allah has given us His slaves, and how we, take it. For example, during this trip, there were loads of happy things or events that had happened on an individual, including me, thus we should try to recap our life, how have we been living and the fact that Allah still, blesses us with his beautiful creations around us. It really is the matter of accepting things that happen around us and how we handle it, do we return to Him in embracing Him or do we actually turn away from Him. The ignorance in us, will not take us anywhere thus being caring of our path of life is crucial.

4th Week Reflection


Part of Life

Another soothing morning after a thunderous night; truth to be told, the night before the education technology class this week, it was a battle for us all TESLian year 2 as we need to finish up our assignment which needed to be submitted on the next day. Dr.Rosseni was in that day and it was so glad to be seeing her again. And another thing happened on that day was, Dr.Rosseni told us all that the class will be only for an hour because she would have to attend a course over at KTAMS.  The topic that was discussed on that day was pretty much about the video production that we would have to come up for this course. First thing first, the discussion of the preparation of ours in the making of our video; to sketch the ideas that we have using different sketches examples shown on slides was given by Dr. on that day, where we were able to see the different types of sketches that people use in screening their idea on board. After the explanation on types of sketches, we were told that we will have to prepare our very own sketch which will have to be submitted on that day too, after class. Well, at first, I thought that it was going to be seriously hard because I’ve seen the samples, I mean, a very good ones. In the sketch of our video, there were several features that we need to have in it, for example, in the storyboard, we need to be able to show our idea in a way that will show the relation between one sketch to another. Other than that, we were also told that there has got to be a message that we want to deliver in our video. And of course, the duration of the video, it is, 7 minutes, and that would be the maximum duration of it. Right after the class was over, my group members and I, decided to have our discussion right on, outside the computer lab. The first thing that we discussed on was, the theme of the video where we asked each and everyone of us to give out whatever it is that they have in their mind for our video. Aten, one of my group member suggested for us to have a video that is abstract, where there are many things recorded, however, those things deliver messages. Well, to me it was quite an idea, it would be a Yasmin Ahmad kind of like video if were  to do that. The second idea was from Mimi, she suggested for us to have a silent video, I could not recall it much but one thing for sure, it is almost like the famous videos that we see a lot around us, that delivers the message effectively. Thirdly, it was a suggestion form Khadijah, she recommended for us to have this chill and relaxing video, where we would go to an interesting places or place, then record things that is interesting at that particular place, and make it as if we are travelling together with those who watches the video at the time or making people wanting to go to that particular place. The other member in my group, Fajrina plans to have a video where we would be recording random things, or routine, then compile it, but the value she took out of it would be the cinematography of it. Lasltly,  I suggested for us to have a video that is about a traveller going around places that have this urban plus traditional value where it would attract not only tourists but also the locals in visiting the place. Ultimately, we came down to creating a video that have this beautiful value that every Muslim would understand, insyaAllah. Our idea was, to create a video of human, gong through their life in one day time starting from the dawn until night invites them. There are so much of ideas that was poured once the exact idea was chosen. Everyone shares their own ideas and thoughts during the discussion. Starting from the smallest of details to the overall of it, we discussed it all on that day. The completion of the discussion ends with everyone showing their favourite video to be made as a reference in the future time where editing takes place. Before this reflection is over, one last thing to add is, the name of the video is, ‘The Needs’. A very simple yet could give out so many meanings from it, as a slave, as the created, as a human, as an individual who is only living this life for a short while.

3rd Week Reflection


Well the third week, we did not get to see Dr.Rosseni, well anyway, before we get to the lecturer of the week, it would be a lot honest to just, be honest. I was ready early in the morning, as always after I was done with my responsibility then I would get ready for class; at first I thought that the class starts at 10 am because that was the time that I wrote on my timetable, well, it was 8.18 or somewhere around that, that my friend came to my room and said, “Come’” that was when I found out that the class starts at 9 am actually. So, I told my other friend about that, and of course, she would be all nervous and freaked out because perhaps she was not ready yet. Well, all 3 of us were freaking out except for the one who informed us about the time because she already went to the bus stop, while we were still in the room. Then it was 8.30 and of course, we’ve missed the bus, and the next bus will not be here until 9am. So, we went for breakfast and all and of course, the ultimate of this all is, we were late. Late for our third lecture. I don’t like being late, but, I thought to myself that it was okay because you were not doing it on purpose. Well, I got into the class realizing that Dr. was not here and we have someone else to be giving the lecture on that day.
In the class, I think that I have learnt some great new things. The importance of research was the first thing that I was on the slide show when I entered the class, well t me, that was actually a very goo thing to be taught as I’ve seen so many people just teach in class without an effective teaching or delivery of information; mostly, its educators. I’d have to say that because the way some educators teach in class was not effective that it made those who attended that particular class, felt as if it was a waste. It was not because the subject was too extremely difficult to be understood, but its just that, they could not relate to it. One of the feature in this ‘Significance of Research’ topic, was the ‘Improve Practice’. It was great how it says to expose to a lot of new things, for instance, the exposure of an educator to new knowledge, new teaching, new learning approaches and new understanding to students. I think that all of these things are important that almost all educators that we have today, need to work on it. It is because, the time has changed. The globalization has took over the world, thus, pupils these days needed to be exposed to more of the outside world besides the textbook world. I remember one educator had once asked something like this, “We have the New Education Philosophy, but do you think that what’s done in the school today suits the NEP?” and of course after he explained the NEP, then we started to see that it does not. The outside world is, intimidating, thus, school should be one of the medium where it prepare pupils to the real world. However, it’s sad to know that even though the school is doing wrong things, but it’s just how the outside world really is. I am afraid that I might not be able to be the good example for the pupil that I would have to face in the future.
The other matter that was learnt from the class was about developing multi-skills. The example taken to explain about this matter was us the students who attended the class, on how the project that we’re working on has helped us in developing the skills that we have in us, as for the example, our management skill. How have we managed to manage our time or money as we work on this project. Besides that, there are also other matters that we learnt. For instance, ‘Analysing skills’, this is perhaps another important feature that we have here as it is a step that require us to monitor on our work that we do, this could be an on-going activity, to anyone I’d say, this is because, analysing is about us seeing how have we done a certain thing and how to improve it and what are the things that is still leaking in there that we can work on. Ultimately, the other important feature that was learnt from the class was developing our writing and communication skills. These two features are so important as it could affect anyone’s work if it were to be neglected and not improved in any way possible. Writing and communicating are two different matters, but to be excellent in both aspects would be fantastic. Some people are amazing in writing, however when it comes to communicating, they could fail at it. Thus, mastering both of those matters are equally important.
The class went as if were re-educated about education. The matters taught gave such an impact that can’t be seen if oneself did not take the time to evaluate its’ values.
As for the next hour, Kak Ana showed us some examples of videos with the first one became our exercise to enlighten our mood again after such a long lecture previously. The videos that was showed contain some very high ability of editing and camera usage by the photographer. Some of the videos are just simply wonderful. I have always fond of the beauty of art. It is like one of the thing that attract me so much that I sometimes feel as if I could swim into the ocean of emotions when those arts were made. The thrills, the excitement, the calmness, the anger; well, these things are described through art in so many ways, and photography is one of the fantastic way in expressing one’s deliberation,

2nd Week Reflection

“To be, or not to be.”

In life there are decisions needed to be made, thus, going to class early, or later, that is all depends on an individual. This is said due to the fact that on the second week of this subject, the class was changed, not only to a different class, but to a different faculty, it may seems hard, but well, if the faculty was just next to each other than, it won’t be that hard. After I reached that faculty, me and all of the other classmates waited at the hallway outside the class for the lecturer, thus, decided to have some breakfast first, so, the mood could be a bit balance I’d say. Because, some people are just unexpected when their needs are not fulfilled; after the breakfast I went back to the hallway, continue chatting and waiting. After a while, Kak Yana arrived and she informed us that the lecturer would come a bit later. Thus, we waited until the lecturer came and the second sweetest thing ever! Just happened. Our lecturer gave us each a Cloud 9, yes, Cloud 9 was I’m at, when I got the snack, it’s one of my favorite, and plus, I got two, why? Because this sweet girl did not eat it, but she took it anyway, just in case, so, she gave it to me. It was a wonderful mood for any students would have after such a long waits and eventually knowing that there will be no class, because we could not get any class at all. It was sad to know that, however, it was one of the things that we need to face here in university life; it’s a something that happen a lot and this is not our first time. Perhaps that is why we did not complain. In addition, I think that all of us were not that upset because of the lecturer herself. The character of the lecturer back again. Like i have mentioned earlier, the positive vibe that the lecturer brought just changed the mood of the entire class, no matter how horrid day it was for the students, it would all change if the lecturer act, was simply, amazing. I would have to say that, to see smiley faces coming from educators is not an easy thing. Well, to have this related to my religion Islam, it taught us to be patient. Well, it sounds easy, but when we truly understand the meaning of it, it will not be that easy. Because, the real patients, was when we are in trouble, and our emotions are not okay, thus we might want to be angry and just scream our face out. But if we managed to hold back the anger or frustration, that is the real patience that Islam taught. After the meeting with the lecturer, we were informed about things that we are going to be doing in the next class next week.

1st Week Reflection

"First of all."

Technology in education, Computer in education. At first, I thought that it was two similar subject, however after the first explanation that was done in the first class I found that this subject is a lot more into technology compared to the Computer in education subject which focuses on computer and only, while this subject seems to be going with so many other aspects of technology that we are going to learn. My first thought when it comes to this kind of subject would be, the lecturer. Previously in Computer inn education subject, it was pretty hard for me to communicate with the lecturer, so, when you my Technology in education lecturer first entered the classroom with this wide smile on her face, it just enlighten the room with such positive vibe which I don’t normally gets to experience in just any classroom. That scary thought of mine of having another strict lecturer might have slipped away but still no advantage should be taken upon it, instead keep on working and trying to give my very best in any subject it is despite the appearance of the lecturer.

When I first found out about the task of making an introductory video, I’m like, “YES!” because, I, personally love talking, and expressing my thoughts and just, share things about myself in that way instead of talking to just anyone about it directly. Perhaps it is because I am a lot more comfortable this way or, maybe because I imagined myself, as if I am one the v-logger that I subscribed on my You Tube Channel. It was like an imagination in another level of fantasy to be recording ourselves and having people watch it and give their criticism on it.

During the first class, basically things like explanation on our first task was done, where we were told to create a one minute video about ourselves or things that has been listed by Prof in the iFolio, and that we’re allowed to add some more things if we want to in that particular video. In the first class also, some briefing about our upcoming task was told, such as the photography or the field trip I’d say. We were asked about the destination and other things regarding that field trip, which we the second year TESLians decided to continue the discussion right after the class was over just to get everyone’s agreement on the location since there are paper works that need to be done as well as the booking of the bus and place to stay at for the night and etc. Besides those matters, we were also told to create a blog or a wordpress to be more correct in this matter; where we were asked to create our reflection in our wordpress, I still could remember how my reaction was when I first heard about the fact that we need to use wordpress instead of blog. I was like at the corner of the table and mumbling to myself “can we use our blog that we had for our SIC (Structure in Context) subject that we took last semester?.” And I did that several times until my friend next to me saiys, “Yessss, you are allowed to use your old bloggg,” so, there goes my mouth, shut. 

Our lecturer, well, one thing about her is that she, have just spread a positive virus in the class when she first entered it with a big smile on her face. It was to me, like a magical moment came from my favorite cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants entering his favorite place, Crabby Patty; always spreading the positive vibe. During the entire time my lecturer was speaking at the front, I kept whispering to my friend next to me “If this is how this lecturer’s character is, then I will finishes all of the assignments that she wants me to do,” literally, those are the things that came out from my mouth when you were explaining to us.